Wildlife Management
Wildlife Management Panel
The directors of Tembele Ecological Services have been in the wildlife management and game farming industry for over two decades and have a wealth of resources, knowledge and experience to tap from. 
This ensures that the comprehensive services listed below are carried out with the utmost proficiency.



Wildlife management plans

Tembele Ecological Services specialises in formulating wildlife management plans for game farms and private nature reserves. This generally comprises:

  • Field surveys to assess habitat condition, grazing and browsing value, property infrastructure etc.
  • Desktop studies and GIS mapping.
  • Determining game carrying capacity of the property.
  • Species composition recommendations.
  • Stocking rate proposals.
  • Management of game and habitat recommendations.
  • Other recommendations with regards to the infrastructure on the property eg water provision.

Aerial game counts

Specialised game census techniques and equipment are used to provide accurate counts in most habitat-types across southern Africa. Counts are performed with two or four-seater helicopters with highly experienced pilots, counters and recorders. Customised ‘MotionX -GPS’ mapping applications combined with ‘Garmin Maps’ software packages are used to instantly plot each animal or group of animals directly onto a data map on a hand-held computer. As far as possible, sexes and age classes of animals are distinguished and recorded. If requested, other significant observations such as stands of alien vegetation, large birds, nests, dens, carcasses are also recorded and plotted.

Census results are presented in a report which contains maps depicting the distribution of species and social groups and tabulated lists of all observations including sex ratios and age classes for each species counted.


Wildlife marketing

The wildlife marketing division of Tembele prides itself in providing professional services in the field of game sales, game capture and relocation and sourcing of any game species occurring within South Africa.
Our game marketing team has conducted over twenty high profile catalogue game auctions in the Limpopo Province and established close-on 15 000 head of game on farms and reserves throughout South Africa.

Specific services provided include:

  • Game sales and auctions (facilitating all aspects of this specialised industry including marketing, rostrum services, administration, game capture and translocation services).
  • Sourcing or marketing of game for establishment or relocation purposes.
  • Selective sourcing of suitable stock for purposes of establishing fresh genetic material on farms or reserves.
  • Assisting with the acquiring of permits for capturing and transporting game in the Limpopo Province.

Other services provided

  • Compiling of species lists for farms/reserves (vertebrates and plants)
  • Designing and positioning of tourist infrastructure eg viewing hides, walking trails etc.
  • Lodge and camp design and layout.
  • Design and printing of information booklets, maps and brochures for reserves.
  • Farm evaluations for potential buyers.
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