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Alfresco dining


Bush dinner

Menu 1
Summer noodle salad
Pecan nut and feta salad
Tossed tomato salad

Focacia flat bread

East African chicken
Wild rice
Potato croquettes
Aubergine and tomato layer

Apple cobbler and cream
Coffee or tea



Menu 2

Creamy bean salad
Chicken salad
Greek salad

Spring onion and olive bread

Rump steak with peperonata
Brown rice
Baby potatoes in garlic butter
Baby courgettes and carrot medley

Hot chocolate pudding
Coffee or Tea


Menu 3

Baby marrow and gherkin salad
Italian salad
Crouton, cheese and pilchard salad

Garlic potato bread

Italian fish casserole
Wild rice
Char grilled Mediterranean pie

Coconut and banana roulade
Coffee or Tea



Menu 4

Broccoli and almond salad
Fish fantasia
Caesar salad

Tomato and herb bread

Venison potjie kos

Hot Chocolate Pudding
Coffee or Tea


Menu 5

Green salad
Noodle salad

Pot bread
Garlic and cheese potato bake
Pap & Sheba
Beef kebabs

Peppermint fridge tart
Tea and coffee



Menu 6

Celery, apple & sesame salad
Oriental salad
Brown rice salad

Prosciutto wrapped pork
Italian herbed pasta
Zesty zucchini

Treacle tart
Coffee or Tea


Menu 7

Green salad with hazelnuts & bacon
Mozzarella salad with vinaigrette dressing
Chickpea salad with herb yogurt dressing

Lamb noisettes
Potato and Parmesan dish

Coffee or Tea



Menu 8

Mange tout salad
Radicchio, watercress and walnut salad
Salad of two cheeses

Malay curried chicken

Trifle delight
Coffee or Tea


Menu 9

Nutty pumkin salad
Green beans in garlic dressing
Paella salad

East African stew
Wild rice
Stuffed butternut

Coffee or Tea




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