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South Africa’s floral diversity is the richest in the world with close on 20 000 flowering plant species. Some are rare while many are prolific creating spectacular mass floral displays. Our flower tours cover a vast array of habitats such as the arid plains of Namaqualand and the Karoo, the lush, sub-tropical greenery of the north-eastern lowveld, the moist mist belt forests and the rugged peaks and grasslands of the Drakensberg. 


Below are examples of two popular ‘flower’ tours


(ERBF2) - Namaqualand Floral Spectacle

During springtime (August & September) the normally arid Namaqualand region of South Africa is transformed into a wonderland of colour. It’s not only the mass profusion of single species that is overwhelming but the remarkable diversity of over 4000 species is even more impressive. 
An exploration of this wonderland takes place during August annually. The 6-day tour starts and ends in Cape Town and can be linked to other botanical tours in that region, including the Cape floral kingdom.


(ERBF3) - The Cape Floral Kingdom Experience

As far as surface area is concerned, the Cape Floral Kingdom is tiny. Yet, of the world’s six floral kingdoms it is by far the richest with an amazing 8800 flowering species. The “Fynbos” biome as it is locally known is restricted to the Western Cape Province of South Africa and falls within a winter-rainfall area. Plants most commonly associated with Fynbos are the Proteas, Pincushions, Erica’s and Restios.
Discover the rich biodiversity of the Cape Floral Kingdom on a 4 to 8-day tour that includes visits to Table Mountain, Cape Point National Park and the world famous Kirstenbosch botanical gardens.


Tree Tours

The southern African subcontinent comprises a wide range of vegetation types which between them, embrace a truly astonishing variety of tree species – an estimated 1700 altogether with another 100 introduced species which have become naturalized.


(ERBT1) – ‘Tree Spotting’ in North-eastern South Africa

The Limpopo and Mpumalanga Provinces of South Africa have a multitude of habitats, ranging from the arid savannahs in the northwest and mesic woodlands in the south to the Afro-montane forests and lowland, sub-tropical woodlands in the east. These diverse eco-zones host no less than 400 tree and shrub species – from the imposing Baobabs to the delicate and colourful Bauhinia’s.
During this 6 to 10-day experience we not only focus on the diversity but also cover the fascinating stories behind each species including their ecological significance and uses to man. At least two national parks are visited during the tour.


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