Exclusive Bush Experiences

Corporate Bush Breaks

Accompany Joe Grosel to some of Southern Africa’s finest wilderness destinations and experience the true essence of being part of a pristine natural environment. This is an opportunity to dispose of boardroom rhetoric and commercial clutter, to clear minds and to get down to the basics again. ┬áThree to four days are spent at small, exclusive wildlife lodges in the South African Lowveld, Botswana and on Islands in the Zambezi River. Apart from spending time in a totally neutral environment optional activities aimed at relationship-building and resolution techniques are offered.

Wilderness trails

Spend three to four days hiking through big five country with no contact with the outside world. An experience of this nature is designed to facilitate the breaking down of modern day filters by stripping participants of all luxuries such as electricity, running water, cell phones etc, and thereby creating ample time to reflect on the ‘beauty of the now’ without interference of the modern world.

This activity requires a reasonable degree of fitness. What you take along you carry and camping is done anywhere the guides see fit. These exclusive wilderness trails are conducted in south-eastern Botswana, Mozambique’s Limpopo National Park and the Greater Kruger National Park.


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