Ecological Presentations

Joe is equally adept at presenting inspiring discussions on the ‘Ways of the wild’ to intimate groups in the bush or to large audiences in lecture halls at symposia. His presentations are customized to integrate specific ecological themes with prevalent challenges in the corporate industry and are aimed at educating and inspiring lateral minded, considerate leaders.

An assortment of ecologically influenced talks are offered where the contents is stirring and the motivating presentation. The talks and presentations are customised to indulge any audience whether they be skilled executives, employees, interest groups or students. The vivid presentations are also ideal as ‘ice-breakers’, or motivational sessions during conferences.


The most popular themes and titles include:

Proudly South African – An exposé of our astonishing natural heritage.                                                            
A highly stimulating presentation with a ‘feel good’ effect.


The life of African Raptors – How they cope with everyday challenges to stay at the top.

As all top predators the life of an eagle is far from ‘plain sailing’. These magnificent birds are often depicted as regal symbols of power and dominance. In reality however they are as vulnerable as any other creature and need to overcome many challenges to survive.  This presentation has many interesting analogies that can be likened to the challenges in the corporate world and how to overcome them.


Remarkable Trees – A fascinating look at these marvels of nature

Trees are amongst the largest, oldest and most impressive natural organisms on the planet. In this presentation we look at some of the most fascinating trees in the World and what makes them so remarkable.


Other presentation titles:

  • Survival Strategies of ‘prey animals’ in the African bush
  • The Specialists (Highly specialised bird species and how they can afford to be ‘different’)


  • Aloe Mania (The intriguing relationships between African Aloes and the creatures who depend on them)


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